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Enterprise SIEM

InovaSys Enterprise SIEM platform allows analysts to efficiently capture logs and use advanced analytics to surface known and unknown
threats, all while automating manual tasks with embedded security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities allowing you to scale your operation as required.

Below is a summary of the server software:

Components and Capabilities

Threat intelligence feeds

Combines internal data with third-party data on threats and vulnerabilities.

Correlation and security monitoring

Links events and related data into security incidents, threats or forensic findings.


uses statistical models and machine learning to identify deeper relationships between data elements.


Analyses events and sends alerts to notify security staff of immediate issues.


Creates visualizations to let staff review event data, identify patterns and anomalies.


Gathers log data for standards like HIPAA, PCI/DSS, HITECH, SOX and GDPR and generates reports.


Stores long-term historical data, useful for compliance and forensic investigations.

Forensic analysis

Enables exploration of log and event data to discover details of a security incident.

Threat hunting

Enables security staff to run queries on log and event data to proactively uncover threats.

Incident response

Helps security teams identify and respond to security incidents, bringing in all relevant data rapidly.

SOC automation

Advanced SIEMs can automatically respond to incidents by orchestrating security systems in an approach known as security orchestration and response (SOAR)

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